As a self-proclaimed Fashionista, I consider neutrals not just a fashion statement, but a way of life. If I were to pick one trend that described me best, this would be it. The neutral color palette is chic and sophisticated and I live by the concept of “Less is more”. Neutral looks simply scream high-society.

I’ve watched the neutral trend evolve over the years and I’ve got to say, it’s becoming more and more monochrome. People are reaching only for white or ivory pieces, when the truth is – there’s so much more to the palette! Today, my goal is to introduce you to the many shades (not quite 50) of neutral colors in hopes of broadening your horizons to see the variety of options that await you.

I recommend bringing multiple shades together to add dimension to a neutral look. Also look for texture in these soft, subtle colors. Texture is the chicest way to add a little something different to a structured, quality piece. Below are the shades to keep your eye out for this spring, proving neutrals are anything but boring!


Photo: Pinterest


Courtney Trop
Photo: Courtney Trop


Shea Marie
Photo: Shea Marie


Olivia Palermo
Photo: Olivia Palermo


Darya Kamalova
Photo: Darya Kamalova


Olivia Palermo
Photo: Sana Rezwan Sait


La Modella
Photo: La Modella


Danielle Bernstein
Photo: Danielle Bernstein

Now that you know what to look for, head to your nearest Tanger Outlets and pick up all of the neutral pieces you can find. They’ll be staples and statement pieces in your closet and get more wear than anything else you own. Be sure to visit to plan your trip and optimize your time to shop. While you’re online, create a shopper profile and Tanger will send you updates with sales and coupons specific to your interests – that’s what I call a personal shopping experience.


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