A big part of keeping up with trends from season to season is research. While I wish it was as easy as word of mouth, it’s much more credible when coming from the experts. One source I reference every year is the PANTONE Fashion Color Report. PANTONE releases a trend report every season, providing a breakdown of the top colors and designers to look out for with insight into why a top color was selected, what collection inspired it and even how it should be worn.

One of the colors that caught my eye this season was “Green Flash” or PANTONE 15-0146. Note: In the fashion world, we don’t simply call colors by their descriptive name. We like to get fancy!

Tanger Outlets_Green FlashThe description of the colors reads, “Green Flash calls on its wearer to explore, push the envelope and escape the mundane…” Yet another reason why I fell in love with it. It definitely pushed the boundaries of the traditional spring palette. This vivacious color also pairs with with this year’s Snorkle Blue, Serenity and Limpet Shell.

Tanger Outlets_Limpet Shell Tanger Outlets_Snorkle Blue Tanger Outlets_Serenity

The two designers that were influenced by Green Flash most were Angel Sanchez and Nicole Miller. Sanchez says his Spring 2016 collection was inspired by the Hibiscus flower. His goal was to interpret its intense colors with the hopes of a sunny and cheerful spring. He wanted to achieve a tropical garden and he did just that! The strapless dress featured below is one of my favorite pieces of the season – not just because of the color, but look at that cut!

Angel SanchezAngel Sanchez_Green

Nicole Miller has always been one of my all-time favorite designers (check out her blog)! Her designs are practical for the everyday working woman, yet stylish enough to grace top runways around the world. Her Spring 2016 collection consisted of lots of black and white with pops of color – green being used quite prominently in her “street vibe” print. She says she was inspired by the the real gritty street feeling and its contrast with nature in the city. I love it!

Nicole MillerNicole Miller_Green

Don’t be fooled – While top designers of the world might influence the season’s hottest trends, their end goal is to always create looks applicable to the everyday fashionista. While we might not be able to sport the same look the 6’1’’ models wear oh-so gracefully, that’s not to say you can’t somehow incorporate the trend into your seasonal wardrobe. Next time you head to Tanger, don’t be afraid to reference runway looks from your favorite designers!

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