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I’ve mentioned it before – the coveted Pantone color report, released twice a year for the fashion industry. It’s compiled by a group of color experts from around the world and consists of 10 spring colors that we’ll be seeing and wearing all season long.

The colors this season are calming and peaceful mixed with bold and playful. Even more exciting is the fact that six of these colors are new altogether, part of the 210 new colors that Pantone released late 2015.

Here is a closer look at the top spring colors, modeled by some of the top trendsetters from around the globe with a few tips on where to rock them.


Buttercup is such a fresh color for spring. Look for solid pieces like this belted dress to make a big impact. I love rocking brighter colors on rainy days. You’ll provide a ray of sunshine wherever you go, exuding confidence!

Tanger Outlets_Buttercup


The name of this one says it all. It’s a spicey color, intended to be bold. You could either sport this vibrant hue from head-to-toe or wear it as an accent to a softer look. I’ve seen some great fiesta accessories at Saks OFF 5th and Michael Kors at Tanger Outlets.

Tanger Outlets_Fiesta

Green Flash

As a blonde, green has always been a go-to color. Green Flash is a little more lively than the shades that have been popular in years past. It’s striking, but soft enough to sport to a day date, shower or even to work. I love pairing it with bright shoes or handbags, but it also pairs great with neutrals for a more casual look. My favorite green beauties have come from Ann Taylor Factory Store and LOFT Outlet.

Tanger Outlets_Green Flash

Iced Coffee

I wrote about the many shades of neutral a few weeks ago, but would like to take a second to focus on my favorite hue – Iced Coffee. If nothing else, the name is great! It’s richer than most neutrals, but still very spring like. Look for spring overcoats or high-waisted pants in this color and you’ll be able to pair them with almost anything you have hanging in your closet. It’s chic, but extremely versatile.

Tanger Outlets_Iced Coffee

Lilac Grey

Lilac grey is a mix between a pastel and a neutral. It’s soft enough to be worn to an outdoor event, but also subtle enough to make a statement at a gala or black-tie function. Plus, it’s flattering on almost any skin tone. Check out Forever 21 at Tanger for a number of great pieces in this spring shade.

Tanger Outlets_Lilac Grey

Limpet Shell

Limpet shell is a mix between aqua and sea foam. I would still consider it a pastel, but it definitely falls on the brighter end of the spectrum. I love this color on brunettes, or anyone with super light eyes. It brings out the vibrancy! This color will translate well into summer as well, especially paired with whites.

Tanger Outlets_Limpet Shell

Peach Echo

How stunning is this shade of peach? We haven’t seen peach on the runways in quite sometime, so I was pleasantly surprised to see its return. I vote this color a winner in every wardrobe category – from pants, dresses and blouses to coats, shoes and accessories, it’s stunning all around! I’ve seen this shade around every corner at Tanger!

Tanger Outlets_Peach Echo

Rose Quartz

Also known as blush, this color was coined the color of the year for 2016 (paired with Serenity – seen below). It’s as soft and feminine as it gets. I’ve sported one of my favorite blush skirts, similar to the one below, to a number of bridal events this year (showers, weddings, etc.) as it just feels appropriate for such an occasion. I also love to pair blush tops and accessories with my black pencil skirt or black trousers for work. It’s the ultimate spring color!

Tanger Outlets_Rose Quartz


Ranked the second most popular color of Spring 2016, serenity blue is the most calming of the seasonal hues. It’s the queen of pastels and looks great on women with darker skin tones. Believe it or not, one of my favorite pale blue items in my closet is a pair of suede pumps found at Nine West Outlet. They are the perfect subtle pop of color to any spring look.

Tanger Outlets_Serenity

Snorkel Blue

And last, but not least is Snorkel Blue. This shade is seen in everything from beachy watercolor looks and nautical fashions to tailored dresses for the queen. It’s a strong color and should be worn as a statement. Think dresses or jumpers. I see it as a formal spring color, but it can certainly be paired with your favorite denim pieces for a more casual look. The options are endless!

Tanger Outlets_Snorkel Blue

Do you have a favorite spring color? Take note of these show stopping hues and keep an eye out for them next time you’re at Tanger. Be sure to snap a photo in your favorite spring color and share on social media using #TangerStyle.

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