Mother’s Day is right around the corner, which always puts me in a super sentimental mood. Oh how I love my momma! As an only child, I take this Hallmark holiday very seriously and dedicate all that I have to making sure my sweet mom feels like a million bucks on her special day.

Luckily, I haven’t had to search high and low for the perfect gift this year. A few weeks ago, my mom came to me simply asking if we could go shopping. She wants to refresh her closet. She’s sat on the sidelines of my career for years watching me make others look and feel good through fashion. Well… now it’s her turn! I finally get the chance to give my perfect little mom a makeover (per her request). The reason I do what I do is because I like making people feel their absolute best. I enjoy making them look as beautiful on the outside as they feel on the inside, and I cannot wait for the opportunity to make her shine!

I’m planning a day at Tanger where I’m confident we’ll find a number of different looks to fit the many needs that she has. We’ll be on the hunt for a few stylish, but versatile pieces, sophisticated athletic wear and of course some great quality classics that will last her a long time. If you’re thinking of taking your mom on a similar trip, check out the Brands page on to plan your trip before you go. Perhaps you send it to your mom and let her get excited about planning the trip?! See what stores she’s most excited to visit and work around those! It’ll be a fun day packed with quality time.

Before our big shopping day, I wanted to do a little research to make sure I got her “mom style” just right. After browsing the internet for a very short period of time, I found tons of women out there that are struggling with this concept, so I wanted to take this opportunity to address some of their/your concerns. Below are the top three most common concerns for moms of all shapes and sizes with babies of all ages.

No. 1 – Comfort

The biggest concern moms tend to have is about comfort, which directly translates to fit. Many mommas are either on one end of the spectrum or the other – their clothes are either too tight or way too loose. This is a huge fashion uh oh. Buying clothes that fit appropriately will transform the way that you shop and the way that you see fashion. If clothes are uncomfortable, it’s not because it’s a weird style or that it’s “not for you.” Chances are, if you buy it in the right size it’ll be a dream. Keep this in mind with jeans, dresses, everything! Challenge yourself to try on a size smaller or larger next time you head to the dressing room. You’ll be amazed!

No. 2 – Versatility

Disposable income is something most moms don’t have. Let’s be honest, it’s probably because they’re so extremely selfless and want to spend every penny on their awesome kiddos. Just one of many reasons why we love them!

Moms – When you do spend money on yourself, make it count. Buy good quality items that will pair nicely with a number of different looks in your closet. Don’t shop for head-to-toe outfits all at once (unless your daughter is taking you on a shopping spree), but instead look for key pieces that will last for years but also remain in style. My trick for getting away with this is shopping at Tanger where you can find quality items and prices that won’t break the bank. Pick up one or two items every time you’re out and after a short period of time, you’ll have an extremely versatile wardrobe.

No. 3 – Style

Sometimes moms tend to play it safe. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing, but I want to challenge you to expand your wardrobe. Classic is a common buzzword in the mommy world. I love classic (and to the point above – it’s very versatile), but it shouldn’t translate to boring. When shopping for classic styles, look for notable details. If you’re buying a plain piko shirt, make sure it’s a fun cut or trendy color. “It” items can still be classic and last for years, you just have to be smart about it. You still want to look stylish, but you don’t have to give street style bloggers a run for their money. 🙂

Hopefully these tips will help some of you moms out there that might be right on the cusp of unleashing your inner fashionista! Comment below with any questions you have about specific styles or if you need any shopping tips for that matter. I kind of consider myself a Tanger pro at this point, so if you’re wondering how to get the best fashions at the best prices, I’m your girl!

I hope everyone enjoys a Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Shopping!

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