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Mixed prints can be a little troublesome, even for the most daring of fashionistas! It takes lots of confidence to be able to pull off this super stylish trend, but you don’t have to be a style expert to do it. It might seem tricky at first, but all you need are a few tips and tricks and you’ll be mixing and matching spring’s best florals, stripes, and prints in no time.

I’ve provided a few tips on shopping for and combining prints. Note, it can be done subtly. You don’t have to dive in and attempt a head-to-toe look. I suggest baby steps!

Stick to two prints.

Keeping your print count down to two and choosing simple silhouettes will keep the shock factor down to a minimum. See the skirt and sweater pairing above.

Pull from one color palette.

When looking for your favorite skirt’s sidekick, start by looking for a piece that shares one of its colors. The work chic look above shares a common blue with touches of blush, white and black.

Play with textures and shapes.

Sounds easy, right? This is actually one of the trickier ones. When shopping for or pairing existing prints, you not only want to change up the pattern, but also the textures and shapes. Think mesh and silk or rounded edges paired with straight, slim cuts.

Maintain the same aesthetic.

In order to really master the mixed-prints effect, it’s best to pick items that have the same aesthetic – meaning that they compliment one another in style, print or color. You see this a lot in a designer runway collections. They might use multiple prints throughout the show, but when brought out together for the finale, they all seem to go well together.

If you dare, go head-to-toe.

I honestly find this easier than trying to match multiple prints. My trick is sticking to tailored pieces. The more streamlined the fit is, the easier it will be to see the print in all its glory.

Ok, so now it’s time to take these tools and hit the ground running… all the way to Tanger – my favorite place to shop for mixed-prints! Follow Tanger on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and message me next time you’re out and about shopping. I would be more than happy to help decipher through your KEEP and MAYBE piles.
Happy Shopping!

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