Orange Vince Camuto

Orange is a light-hearted, exuberant and invigorating color – BUT when people think about wearing it, they always cringe. I’m determined to figure out why that is because orange is one of my all time favorite brights. Lucky for me, it’s filling the racks at Tanger and slowly beginning to take over my closet. The color is more versatile than people expect, which I hope will bring this trend into more people’s comfort zones.

There are two ways I’ve found to ease into bold trends – 1. Staples and 2. Accessories. I’ll go over a few ways to work orange into your closet by expanding these two simple categories. If you’re color shy, listen up! I promise I won’t steer you wrong with these tips.

Staples are easy. It’s a single piece that is intended to be the focal point of the outfit, whether it be the cut, print or color. Case in point, these fab Tanger Fashionistas sitting having coffee in the city. I don’t know about you, but all I spy are the stunning orange pants – for all the right reasons! Take a second to dissect the look… We’ve got neutral strappy sandals, simple (also neutral) jewelry, a clean, white, structured handbag and the perfect fringe crop-top to add some sizzling texture. If you’re going to invest in an orange staple item this spring, make it a pant. Once it’s hanging in your closet, I promise you’ll find a zillion different ways to style them. I’m on the hunt for the perfect pair myself – thinking Banana Republic or Ann Taylor will have what I’m looking for.

Tanger Fashionista_ Orange-No bunch pants

Next are accessories – I lied when I said that staples were the easiest. Accessories are the tried and true way to incorporate a bold or bright trend into your existing wardrobe with no hassle. Anyone have a wild guess what my favorite accessories are… handbags! I currently have one crossbody bag in what I call papaya. It’s Vince Camuto and I got it for more than 40% OFF at Saks OFF 5th last summer (score)! It’s perfect in every way and I wear it with anything/everything – arguably a little too often. I can’t help that it goes flawlessly with any neutral look, my army greens, pale pinks and my fav floral pants (seen below) that have a touch of orange in them. Next time you spot a burst of fun on the shelf, pick it up and give it a try – Bold is better!

Tanger Fashionista_clutch orange

Like I said, handbags are my weakness. We all know this. I was at Tanger a few weeks ago shopping with my mom for Mother’s Day (love you, mom) and found this incredible tote at Michael Kors – a must-have stop every time I’m at the outlets. This bag is what dreams are made of. It would make the perfect spring work tote or seasonal statement purse. Being that I was shopping for mom, I couldn’t bring myself to get it just then, BUT it’s been on my mind ever since. It was 50% OFF the full retail price, which more than justifies the spend in my mind.

Tanger Fashionista_Michael Kors Orange Bag

Take a jump off the deep end this season and go for a bright orange piece you might not have picked up 6 months ago. Don’t look for outfits, just start with the staple items and accessories. Tag me in your pics on Instagram using #TangerFinds and/or #TangerFashionista. I can’t wait to see how daring you get. I have faith!

Happy Shopping!

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