The weather is heating up and fashionistas everywhere are tossing off their spring digs in favor of easy breezy summer styles. From sandals to jewels, summer 2016 found designers embracing an exciting mix of accessories. I’ve listed some of my favorite accessories from Tanger to freshen up your look without breaking the bank, understanding that not everyone has the funds to invest in an entirely new summer wardrobe each year. Let’s be real!

The best thing about accessorizing is that it gives you an opportunity to test the trend waters before diving in head first. It’s an easy way to minimize your fashion risk, but still be a little daring! So here you have it… the perfect complimentary pieces to your favorite summer looks!

Bright Heels

Tanger Outlets_Papaya

You’ve all heard me preach “pop of color” and there’s no better way to add it than with a beautiful bright shoe. I found these heels at Papaya for way less than I would expect to pay for lovely lace-ups, and they’re oh-so perfect for summer. I have so many plans for them! I’m headed to an outdoor graduation party in a few weeks and am planning to pair them with a simple white, eyelet sundress. Still toying with the idea of tying in a monochrome purple clutch. I might just stick with a neutral – We’ll see… Either way, these heels will definitely be the conversation piece.

Bold Heels

Tanger Outlets_Papaya

Can you tell what my favorite accessory is? 🙂 Shoes will always have my heart. This is another pair that I spotted at Papaya. They’re SUPER trendy, but safe enough to sport in black and white. The platform trend is sticking around this summer, which I do not mind. It’s the comfortable counterpart to the wedge. I keep trying to dream up a look for these, but the more I try to plan the more I realize this might become an everyday seasonal shoe. It could work with denim, skirts, dresses, you name it.

Boho Jewels

Tanger Outlets_Rue 21

Boho is still a go this summer! Tip for creating the perfect boho look – Accessorize in layers. You don’t have to purchase a number of different high priced pieces. Instead, simply layer the long beaded, fringed or mixed metal pieces that you can find for less.

Tanger Outlets_Rue 21

If you prefer bolder pieces, look for statement necklaces like the one above. It’s considered boho, but I think it’s more of an armored look. It also falls really nicely, just above the collarbone. It’s stunning! I found both of these necklaces at Rue21, among a ton of other options. Definitely worth a visit!

Accessorizing is the fun part about styling. It’s the icing on the cake! Share some of your greatest summer accessory photos with me on Instagram using #TangerFashionista and you could be the next personal featured on the Tanger page. Be bold and take chances trying new trends – you’ll really be surprised at how your summer looks come together when you do!

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