I recently had the chance to visit my dad across the country and took advantage of the opportunity to give him his Father’s day gift a little early – much better than the FaceTime dates we’re used to. He was maxed out on his #1 Dad mugs and has enough ties to make it to the moon (and back), so I had to get creative. My dad has always been pretty put together fashion wise, but I wouldn’t tag him as a trendsetter quite yet. His problem – he never spends the time or money to shop for himself. In true dad fashion, family comes first! So, I had to step in.

I used this year’s daddy day as an opportunity to give him pieces that will help kick off his wardrobe update. Below are a few tips to shopping for the dads in your family, making sure they’re the coolest kids on the block. Whether you’re shopping for your own dad, a daddy-to-be or a dad in the trenches raising multiple little ones, these tips are for you/him!

How To Up Dad’s Fashion Game

Jeans – Jean styles for men are constantly changing. Ditch the cargos. Go for a slimmer, more flattering bootcut. Dark washes are more versatile and light options should have texture. Gap Factory Store has a large variety of jeans to choose from. Use this coupon through 6/30 for an extra 10% OFF.

Tanger Outlets_Gap Factory

T-Shirts – Trendy t-shirts will help increase dad’s cool factor. He doesn’t have to rock a polo every day of the week. Casual fashion is tough for most men. Look for t-shirts with buttons or a small pocket. I’m a big fan of heathered colors and have always had luck at Levi’s.

Tanger Outlets_Levi's

Shoes – Encourage dad to ditch the trainers and try either a more breathable athletic shoe for comfort or a pair of Vans to wear during the summer months. You can find these at the Vans Outlet of course, or any Journey’s location. For a more professional approach, get him a nice pair of suede oxfords from Timberland.

Tanger Outlets_Journey's

Tanger Outlets_Timberland

Accessories – Ballcaps give off a pretty cool dad vibe. I also think watches and bracelets can make a big statement for guys. It says a lot when a man is patient enough to put a little extra time into making final touches to his look. Timberland has a pretty good selection of active watches right now for only $90!

Tanger Outlets_Timberland

Sunglasses – The trendiest accessory of them all! I love cool sunnies for dad. On his head or folded over his collar, they’re just cool.

Honestly, the biggest thing that makes a dad fashionable is the love he has for his kids. Don’t get defeated if they go through a goofy phase trying to figure it all out. At the end of the day, they’ll love what you get them because they love that you care! Dads always want to impress their kids.

To score a few extra points with pops, let him know how much you saved on all his new finds from Tanger. Then you’re sure to get an approval. I already have my next care package for dad in the works. 😉 There are Tanger Outlet centers all across the country, so I might even toss in a gift card and let him take a stab at dad fashion himself (with direction, of course).

Happy Father’s Day shopping!

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