Fall is for denim… specifically jeans. It’s just that simple. Jeans are a wardrobe staple that we all know and love and have a somewhat personal connection with (at least that’s the case for me). Finding a pair you love is like meeting that significant other that you feel you’ve known for years. They come in so many different styles/personalities – some you’ll fall in love with right away and some you’ll clash with and see no future together whatsoever. The trick to finding the perfect pair of jeans is to make sure they’re true to you in the rarest of forms – from the way they fit your toosh to the way the mesh with your lifestyle. There’s plenty of fish in the sea!

For those still looking for their perfect match, I present to you…

Denim Dating 101


Name: Boot Cut

3 Words that best describe your personality: relaxed, easygoing, timeless

Describe your perfect match: I adore women of all shapes and sizes, but especially those with wider hips.


Name: Skinny

3 Words that best describe your personality: urban, versatile, a little uptight

Describe your perfect match: I have a thing for long legs. The slimmer the better.


Name: Flares

3 Words that best describe your personality: hip, popular, boho

Describe your perfect match: I’m a good balance for women with broad shoulders. We really compliment one another.

TangerOutlets_Straight leg

Name: Straight Leg

3 Words that best describe your personality: structured, classic, loveable

Describe your perfect match: I’m a hopeless romantic, open to any and all body types.

So, do you think you’ve found your match? I know I tend to feel somewhat incomplete without a perfect pair of stylish jeans, but once I’ve found the one (that fits my beautiful curves), It’s hard to let them go. They make some time to find, but don’t get defeated… your perfect match does exist!

If you value the whole package – good looks and a good deal, hit up Tanger Outlets. I’ve never paid full-price for a pair of jeans. Download their coupon book online before you go for some extra savings. An extra 10-25% OFF every now and then is always appreciated.

Additionally, try going in the next few weeks during the TangerStyle Fall sale and you can receive an EXTRA 20-25% OFF of your denim purchase. Download those coupons here. You might have also received these in the mail (with a few extra tips on wearing denim for fall).

Best of luck in your denim dating venture! Let me know how I can help.

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