Swinter – It’s the new season that combines the heat of the summer with the chills of winter. If you’re thinking, “Isn’t this just fall?” then I have news… some of us will skip that season entirely and be forced to move from short shorts to puffer coats in no time. I’m here to help you keep your wardrobe up to speed with mother nature. This week I’m highlighting some of the best transitional trends from one of my favorite stores, Neiman Marcus Last Call. Take advantage of the tips below and hopefully your transition will be a breeze.

#TangerTip: Stop packing away your “seasonal” bins every 4 months. Why store perfectly good pieces high up in some forgotten closet when they can be reinvented season after season.

Here are the closet stars that should definitely be given a second chance as the temperatures cool off!


This goes-with-everything wardrobe staple should essentially have it’s own section in your closet. Skirts, jackets, jeans, you name it. There are ways to style denim for every season and every occasion.

For example, take that new distressed denim jacket you purchased from Tanger to go over your summery sundresses and create a denim-on-denim look for fall (excuse me, swinter). If you don’t already have these pieces lying around, it’s 100% time to add them to your collection.

Here is an easy look to create from  Neiman Marcus Last Call.


Jeans – McGuire $149 | Jacket – McGuire $189 | Top – McGuire $119



Typically known as the crisp addition to a summer wardrobe, white has been trying to make its way out of the seasonal struggle for a while now and it needs your help! For many people, the “no wearing white after Labor Day rule” has won the battle year after year, but I’m hear to tell you that this rule is as out of style as socks and flip-flops. Wear your summer whites and wear them with pride (and a few more layers, of course).

For example, white skinnies – If you’re anything like me, you should find an excuse to wear these at least once a week until the end of time. They’re so flattering and should not be stored away in the darkness! Designers continue to explore this fresh color in pieces like sweaters, coats and fall/winter skirts. Embrace it!

Here’s a look you could recreate, again with pieces from my go-to, Neiman Marcus Last Call.


Distressed Jeans – Current/Elliott $139 |  Blouse – Current/Elliott $119

While denim and whites are only two of many categories of clothing that can be repurposed from season to season, they are by far the easiest place to start. Use your denim staples and white statement items to help exercise your creativity.

#TangerTip: Try pulling these pieces out of your closet and laying them on your bed. Then, pull other items that you think would pair nicely with them or multiple items to create a layered look. You’ll be amazed at the number combinations you will come up with!

So here are a few challenges for you:

  • Share your cool weather denim and white looks that you’ve mastered with me by tagging @tangeroutlets or #TangerFashionista.
  • Do you have a friend that gets stuck in a rut every three to four months? Share this post!
  • Comment below and let me know if you all have any other transitional tips. 🙂

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