The color pink is back! No longer associated with your childhood wardrobe, but now with chic new fashions and color combinations. It’s 100% time to reintroduce this feminine phenom to your wardrobe. It’s new and fresh. Pink was once labeled as precious or girlish but (largely due to its tie to the support of breast cancer research and awareness) has become one used to communicate strength and pride. The color pink is worn not only by fashion’s elite, but by our everyday heroes as a representation of the fight for life.

I advise you to never again hesitate to wear the color pink and especially not in the month of October. Wear it boldly! While I was once a skeptic, I’m now a believer and consider myself somewhat of a pro when it comes to pink pairings. Whether you’re just easing into pinks or consider them your go-to colors, I’ve provided different ways to wear it with “simpler” colors in your wardrobe. There are endless options, all which will add to the confidence your pink looks will evoke.


Pink + Silver

I adore the fashion-forward combination of a futuristic metallic with a feminine pink.


Pink + Yellow

Sherbet-hued pink and soft yellow make for a great candy-crush pairing.


Pink + Black

Bright pink and black is a classic combination and a stylish way to mix accessories.


Pink + Wine

Paired with deep reds, shades of pink can be ultra-sophisticated.


Pink + Brown

Muted pink and latte hues are delicious together.


Pink + Red

Bubble gum pink and candy apple red are a sweet duo.


Pink + Pink

I like pairing blush or petal pink with super tones for a trendy monochromatic look.


Pink + Gray

Gray and pink are a ladylike combination.


Pink + Green

Use a dark, earthy green to ground bright pink pieces.


Pink + Navy

Fashion-forward and classic, you can’t go wrong with this color combo.


Pink + Orange

Bold and beautiful. It will always make a statement.


Pink + Purple

Purple tones are surprisingly chic when paired with pink.

There you have it. If you have anything pink hanging in your closet, you’re destined to find a complimentary color to wear it with.

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