The air is crisp and the leaves have already begun to change. We’re only a few weeks into fall and I already feel as though I’ve run out of options. Why does this seem to happen season after season?! Last year’s digs are cute, but they just don’t seem to make the cut when filing through my closet each morning.

I was out enjoying all that fall has to offer last weekend and couldn’t help but take a little inspiration from the stunning colors around me. Mother Nature sure has the upper hand when it comes to the ability to create art as life.

I could go on and on about my amazement; but, instead thought you might be interested to see what these colors of the wind inspired me to purchase this weekend. I’m definitely back on my fall game, no worries!



Forever21 | Lace-Up Swing Dress | $14.90

First up is this burnt orange dress from Forever21 for only $14.90, inspired by the red-ish, orange-like hue that you see way up in the mountains. I didn’t originally have a dress on my list, but hey – who sticks to a list anymore!

I honestly did need a few long sleeve dress options that would pair well with my fall boots. I can toss on neutral leggings and a brown parka later on this year and really play up the color!



H&M | Long-sleeved Jersey Top | $17.99

This second color is what my fall dreams are made of. We don’t see these deep burgundy leaves much in the states, but the moment I do I’ll be sure and stop time so you all can experience it too!

Call it ruby, cranberry, whatever you like – I will have an entire section of my closet dedicated to this color by the end of Autumn, starting with this must-have long sleeve jersey top from H&M. It was only $17.99 and has quickly become a staple. The material is so cozy! You must feel it for yourself!



H&M | Corduroy Pants | $19.99

Next up, a more tradition fall color – brown or neutral tones. These bring me back to the days of jumping in piles of leaves in the front yard. Cool air, crisp ground, laughing neighbors! My adult interpretation of this is a pair of camel corduroy pants.

If you don’t already own corduroy, this is the place to start! They’ve been pretty hot for a few years now. You can find these at H&M for $19.99. For an even more seasonal look, pair them with a neutral sweater and you’ll be a walking billboard for fall.



J.Crew Factory | Tall Pencil Skirt | $44.50

And last, but not least – every season needs a bright pop of color. This year’s go-to for me is marigold or mustard. It’s bright enough to make you feel alive at the office, but warm enough to be considered a fall color. Think of the yellow leaves that you used to be on the look out for at recess. They were the rare, special ones!

This tall, classic pencil skirt is more versatile than you think. Wear it with neutral office staples or darker, warmer tones to really take advantage of the seasonal palette. Find this skirt at J.Crew Factory for only $44.50.

Are you inspired to get outside? Keep an eye out for the things around you that inspire new fashions. Color is everywhere and Mother Nature is truly the queen of pairings. She’ll do all the work for you, you just have to make the move and get to Tanger to bring her vision to life.

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Happy shopping you guys!

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