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It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year! The tree is up, the candles are lit, and the reason for the season is in our heart. Oh let’s celebrate!

I’m all about the gift of giving and while some people provide/follow gift lists, I prefer to dig a little deeper and really think through what makes a gift meaningful. It might fit in “the under $100” category, but there’s usually a lot of thought that goes into my little treats.

Below are 5 chic gifts that I’ve already picked up for a few of my favorite peeps this year.

Don’t worry, I’ve banned them from reading the blog this week. You know who you are and if you’ve made it this far, shame on you! 😉

First, is my sis-in-law. She recently got a job that requires some international travel and she’s absolutely loving it. She’s shared a few new travel gadgets that she’s discovered on Instagram, but I still see her rocking that boring blue passport. First lesson in international travel – look the part.

I found this super chic rose gold passport cover from J.Crew Factory. It’s SO her! She’s such a fashionista, she’ll absolutely love it. 🙂


J.Crew Factory | Leather Passport Case | $14.50

Then there’s the hubby. We’ve been to a few (far more than I can count on one hand) weddings this year and Mr. Big Shot is a stud on the dancefloor. I have to say, rhythm is a super attractive quality in a guy. With that said, he’s worn his way through multiple pairs of dress shoes (yes, it’s possible). So, shoes it is for him! And while I love the look, the price makes the wear and tear totally fine. Definitely don’t want to deter the dancing. Until next year…


Saks OFF 5th | Kenneth Cole Leather Loafers | $99.99

My family does a name drawing for all of the cousins at Christmas (because there are more than 20 of us) and I probably got the best name of all. He’s actually the husband of one of the cousins, but he so full of personality it makes shopping for him the best! His claim to fame were his bartending days in college (and he takes it very seriously), so I found the perfect tie – they’re martini glasses! 🙂 Isn’t this so fun! Sure, I might be more excited than I should be but the inside bartending jokes surrounding this gift will last for years and I cannot wait.


Banana Republic Factory Store | Martini Print Tie | $23.99

Next is my sweet mom. She’s in a wheelchair, so she can’t carry your typical purse. Instead she has to have something that is structured and sits on her lap nicely or something that can be hung on the back of her chair. I found the PERFECT bag! It’s a leather backpack from Saks OFF 5th. She’s always talking about wanting to be “trendy like the cool kids” so it’s right up her alley! I can’t wait to see her reaction!


Saks OFF 5th | Leather Backpack | $59.99

And finally, my BFF. We were recently at a college football game and it was a little cooler than we expected. We all know style is definitely a factor when it comes to gameday attire. She made a subtle comment about needing warm weather gameday accessories, so here ya go! I found a great scarf. It’s plaid, but not the busy plaid. It’s simple, but chic! She has a really cute cream sweater that I bet you $100 she’ll wear it with the first time.


J.Crew Factory | Plaid Scarf | $24.50

Are you as impressed as I am? 🙂 Each gift for under (some way under) $100.

Shopping doesn’t have to be a chore! Put a little extra thought into what you’re getting the ones you love and you’ll enjoy searching for and buying their gifts just as much as they will love opening it.

There are so many great brands at Tanger and between their deals listed on the website to the app you can reference while shopping, Tanger makes it super convenient and easy to get all of your shopping done in one stop with great coupons. Trust me, I’ve done it year after year since, well… I’ve been buying Christmas gifts!

Happy shopping and happy holidays everyone!

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