It’s 2017 and last year’s wardrobe has become completely dated and useless. Juuuust kidding!

Just because we’re shopping Tanger for new trends doesn’t mean we can’t still style the old ones in new, fun, fresh ways. Sometimes all it takes is a quick little update to pull off the look you loved so much last season.

Sure, the 2017 style scene has a different look about it, but I think change is a good thing. Scroll down to see how to adapt some of my favorite pieces from last year’s wardrobe, making 2017 better than you can imagine.

Here’s a list of ALL of 2016’s top trends:

There were so many showstopping trends in 2016, but I’ll highlight two specifically (the ones I think have the most potential for new life).

First Up – Bare Shoulders

Bare shoulders are sticking around in 2017, but have a little bit of a twist. Instead of baring it all, designers are incorporating more of a cutout detail at the shoulder – calling them shoulder slits. It’s almost like they wanted to tease the fashion affectionados of the world with a full on shoulder one year and scale it back to leave us wanting more the next. Hey… it’s working!  

Needless to say, keep your pairings – flare jeans, high-waisted shorts, etc. as it’ll all be needed in the year to come.

The shoulder is born again!

My Second Favorite – Orange & Wine

If I’m being completely honest, this is one of those trends that I wasn’t sure I would love. But oh let me tell you, once I truly started shopping for it and seeing all the shades of beautiful reds and bright oranges that make up this stunning combo, I couldn’t get enough!

It was by far the richest color combination of 2016 and while not paired together in 2017, they will each stand their own ground. Hold on to those bold pieces and statement accessories, as you’re new neutrals will need some support.

My goal – pull these vibrant hues out earlier in 2017. They deserve more time to shine!

Do you you have a favorite trend from 2016? Comment below and let me know.

And if you’re curious about 2017 looks, stay tuned in the weeks to come for more information on the latest fashion reports.
Happy New Year everyone!

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