Hey friends! I’m excited to sit down and write for you guys this week. I feel like this is the first week I’ve actually had a handle on my to-do list, as my schedule seems to be slowing down post-holidays.

My husband and I were going a million miles an hour the month of December and even early January trying to play catch up. It was starting to seem like schedules and routines just weren’t going to be a “thing” in 2017.

Well, like I said… I finally feel like we’re back and my first priority is to get a date night/day date on the books. I dropped my official Valentine’s day reservation hint over the weekend, but I want to do my part in getting something planned beforehand.

I have three ideas (with three corresponding outfits) in mind. Let me know what you think!

Option No. 1 | Casual Concert

H&M | Sweater $49.99 | Bomber $59.99 | Jeans $29.99 | Loafers $59.99

There’s a really cool concert venue in our city and I’ve been dying to try it out. I’m a sucker for live music and they feature all local talent, which is a plus. The lineup the next few Friday’s looks awesome, so I’m thinking this could be a win.

It’s still kind of chilly here, so if we go this route I’m thinking I piece together a look like this! 1 – It’s a great excuse for a new bomber jacket and 2 – The more I look like I belong on stage, the better!

PS. I’m on an H&M kick this week, so get ready for some fast fashion inspiration!

Option No. 2 | Weekend Hike

H&M | Bra $29.99 | Tights $29.99

We’re definitely weekend warriors and love the outdoors! There are a number of scenic hikes in our area that we haven’t crossed off of our list yet. He’s always up for a good challenge and I can always use a reason for new workout wear.

I LOVE this look from H&M! And let’s be real, I need the head-to-toe outfit to really look the part. That’s what I’ll tell him at least. 😉

Option No. 3 | Weeknight Surprise

H&M | Turtleneck $34.99 | Skirt $39.99 | Pumps $34.99

We can all get caught up in the weekly grind of work and need a random fancy dinner every now and then to remind us of what truly matters – Good fashion and good food! JK. It’s just about making time (when you don’t have it) for the ones you love.

I’ve been the turtleneck queen this winter, so this look would be an easy transition from my work day to a night out. I’m also liking the white pump. So trendy!

Which date night do you think I should plan?

1. Concert… 2. Hike… or 3. Nice Dinner?

Comment below and let me know!

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