Four women in different stages of life,
united by a love of all trends swoon-worthy.




As your reigning Style Maker, she’s a familiar face. And we’re so thankful for that. She’s the friend that’s always styled impeccably no matter the occasion. Oh, and she makes it look effortless. Briana’s back to help unleash the inner-Fashionista in us all. Look to her to make the fashions of the runaway work in your wardrobe. From bold florals to nautical stripes, you can rest easy trying these trends knowing they’re Briana-approved.

“I dare you to step out and be bold! Think eye-catching details, fun shapes and intricate details when looking for your next fashion-forward look. We all have a little fashionista in us, you just have to be daring enough to let her out!”



It’s impossible to keep up with this millennial – unless you’re her wardrobe of course. With everything Sara’s juggling we’re convinced she has more than 24 hours in her day. And we’re OK with that if it means more outfit-inspo. Look to this trendsetter to break down the ABCs of transitioning an outfit from day to night, rockin’ the latest trends on your next vacation or nailing a laid-back brunch look.

“I’m a busy girl, with little time to plan. Tanger makes it easy to style my life, from dinner with the parents to a weekend getaway with my love (or girls). There’s a look for every occasion and I’m on a mission to find it.”




With a baby on her hip and a to-do list long enough to reach the floor, Meghan has little time to spare – but refuses to sacrifice on style. She’ll help hunt down the latest trends for her fellow moms so they can focus on tea parties and baseball games. Her catwalk may look more like a grocery store aisle, but you wouldn’t know it by her wardrobe. Look to Meghan for this season’s latest trends that are equal parts fashionable and functional.

“Being a mom doesn’t mean you should sacrifice on style. I’ve made it my mission to eliminate mom-jeans and ensure motherhood and fashion can co-exist. Kids can be demanding, but it’s oh-so important to take of yourself, too!”



Picturing your coupon-clipping granny? Well, stop. We guarantee you’ve never seen a more stylin’ saver than Caroline. Her savvy shopping skills will stock your closet with this season’s hottest trends, while leaving a ton of wiggle room in your budget. You can thank Caroline for keeping your piggy bank full – or you can just use the cash you’ve saved to stock up on even more runway-ready looks. Who could blame you?

“I measure my happiness by the amount of money left in my wallet, which means Tanger rules supreme! It’s important I stay on trend, but what I’m really passionate about is extending the buck. Versatility is my word of the year!”